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Eventix Live Technology

Our Infrastructure

The Eventix operating system is supported and housed at NEXTDC. NEXTDC is revolutionising hybrid cloud computing in Australia. With no single point of failure and a fully scalable world-class infrastructure, they ensure maximum uptime and performance to Eventix Servers.

A brief overview of our infrastructure is outlined at right for your reference.

Your Data

Eventix maintains a number of replicated, redundant database servers, with off-site backups of all ticket, order and customer information. Your data sits in a non-internet connected network, protected by a series of firewalls and IT security policies.
Your Customer Data As a client of Eventix, you own your customer data, including member information, ticket sales data and user behaviour. Your data is segmented, at all times, from that of our other clients. All registered members may choose to join the Eventix membership system at their own discretion.

Credit Card Security In compliance with industry standards, Eventix does not store the credit card numbers of any of our clients. For customer enquiries, and order tracking, Eventix stores the last 5 or 6 digits of the credit card only.
For more information on Credit Card security click here.


Eventix provides our customers with a number of IT services and API's. These include:

XML/HTTP order processing
XML/HTTP credit card validation & processing
ODBC membership database integration

The Eventix IT team is always willing to explore new integration and data processing requirements for our clients.
Please contact us with specific requirements.

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