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Eventix Live Products

Eventix Live Products Eventix Live Products

Eventix integrates seamlessly with your business to produce superior graphic collectables, that display unique design qualities and create maximium impact for your events.

Our high quality marketing products include business cards, collectors' cards, loyalty cards, apparel swing tags, security ticketing, Snaptech referral business cards, Snaptech vouchering, Snaptech pre-purchase cards and various other innovative products including invitations, bookmarks and postcards. Eventix Live Products

Our focus is the understanding of our clients' visions and needs and how our innovative range of products can achieve market point difference for them. These initiatives include sponsor driven objectives. Combined together with the cashless bar tool, businesses can receive maximum exposure and return on investment for festivals, concerts and functions.

Eventix Collectable Tickets can be used for a variety of purposes: security ticketing, collectable cards, business cards, loyalty cards, Snap-tech Pre-Pay Vouchering, invitations, and much more. Eventix Collectable tickets are durable, recyclable and virtually impossible to copy, making them a perfect addition for any event.

Eventix Live Products

Eventix Collectable tickets allow you to dictate style and layout of the collectable to suit the individual personality of the event.

Eventix Collectables can be used as an exclusive entry ticket which doubles as a security pass - attached to a custom designed lanyard. The optional Snap-tech portions of our Collectable tickets are attractive to major sponsors as they allow measurable marketing for promotions and sponsorships - and they have a great shelf life. Customers can redeem their offers directly at the event - or at a later time - it's totally up to you!

The Snap-tech technology is gaining increasing visibility across the business card and membership card market. A custom designed collectable ticket will add prestige to your event, and being virtually impossible to copy, they provide an additional security feature for top-line events.

Eventix Collectables were recently seen at the 50th Anniversary TV Week Logies awards.

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