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Green Events with Eventix Live

Green Events with Eventix

Eventix Goes Green

We each have a role to play in protecting our environment and Eventix is taking an active step in lightening its footprint and we encourage you to join us.

Eventix has launched its Green Program with environmental partners Treecreds. Our initial program includes a number of features available to our event coordinators. We will be expanding this program to include a new mobile ticketing platform which will be custom built for Eventix and launched in the near future to eliminate the need for printed tickets.

E-Creds Program

Eventix has launched a carbon offset program with Treecreds as one part of a broader green strategy. Now with every event that Eventix tickets, guests will have the option of purchasing an 'e-Cred' - a carbon credit measured in tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided for trees saved in specified natural forests. Treecreds only deals in carbon offsets that are stringently audited and monitored through the Greenhouse Friendly™ Office and Voluntary Carbon Standard Schemes. What we like about offsetting through Treecreds is that avoided deforestation projects help to reduce net carbon emissions while also improving living standards for forest people, as well as safeguarding biodiversity and preserving other ecosystem services.

Offset your footprint for your next event and make your event carbon neutral.

Carbon Car Passes

Transport emissions generally are the largest contributor to an events environmental footprint. For events over one hour away from the CBD or metropolitan centres where guests travel by car we will offer clients our Carbon Car-Pass Program. This program involves having the Treecreds team at your event offering entering vehicles a carbon pass which is calculated to offset transport emissions for travelling to and from the event. Show your guests that you are considerate of the environment by offering them the option to offset their travel emissions with a carbon car-pass.

Emissions Audits for Exhibitors and Events

Via our partners Treecreds, our event coordinators can have their event audited to assess carbon, water and waste footprints and then implement emission reduction, clean production, energy efficiency and carbon offset programs. This service is designed to reduce your event's green house gas emissions and reduce operational costs declaring you a genuinely green friendly event.

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